Sunday, August 30


I'm moving my blog. This spot was good to me for a long time and then I lost half my archive in a freak twizzler mishap. The new one is HERE .Go check it out because I have new stuff up!

Saturday, June 20


Decided to screen print some stuff on wood. I had this screen around so I went with it for the test. Two layers 1/4 inch birch 9 inches across. The last time I used a band saw was in high school 20 years ago! MORE HERE.

Monday, June 15


I am in the new issue of I Want Your Skull!

From IWYS:

I Want Your Skull #7 is released!

34 full page artist pages grace the inside pages. It’s a whose who if super talented creators working in a variety of styles from all over the world, and all dedicated to the SKULL! Included: Cassandra Warren, Glyn Smyth, Shawn Hebrank, Geordan Moore, Rhys Cooper, Tallboy, Ashley McMullen, Albie Rock, Peter Nevins, Jason Goad, Brian Ewing, Budai, Murdoch Stafford, Jeral Tidwell, Franx, Ryan August, Dzgnbio, Horrorwood, Konnik, Jazun, Anville, Droid, Mike Sutfin, Jon MDC, Gregg Gordon, Sean Tidy, James Flames, Kenn TwoFour, Jess Guercia, Jeremi Rimel, Mike Fisher, Surge, Mictron and Joe Bonham.

This one features a killer wrap-around cover by Brian Morris and includes a fantastic new, serigraph art print by Drew Millward .
And it wouldn’t be I Want Your Skull if we didn’t talk to a few of the creators impacting the world of skeleture expression. This time around it’s cranial designer Dan Springer and screen-printed poster pioneer and old school ripper, Lindsey Kuhn.
As a special treat, we’ve included a reprinted interview with the legendary original guitarist of the Misfits- Franche’ Coma, featuring brand new illustrations by Mark McCormick .
The whole thing comes packed in a custom printed envelope with a logo designed by lettering genius, Henry “Loco” Contreras.

Limited to 250 copies, hand-numbered and packaged with care.

Buy it HERE.

Below is my page and the cover.

Thursday, June 4


I finally got around to hanging some posters that I have bought over the past couple months. First is the Bali Mask by Jeral Tidwell. Huge 24x32! Second is the Melvins 25th anniversary poster by Jay Ryan. 20x26 and awesome. Last is the snake linocut by Dennis McNett. 10X30!! I am running out of wall space!

Wednesday, May 6


Atlanta art blog THOUGHTMARKER picked my BOARD
as one of the top twelve at the show! Awesome. My board sold so that's cool but it is kinda sad to see it go. Head over to YOUNGBLOOD and check all the boards out before they take the show down.

Saturday, May 2


Finished and hanging in YOUNGBLOOD. The show starts today so go by and check out all the boards.

See more HERE.

Friday, April 24

Green Day

Things are great. Busy. Looks like I'm going to have a busy summer. Got the approval e mail today on this shirt for Green Day. Oh Dookie.

Wednesday, April 1


I'm doing a skateboard for the upcoming SK8 OR DIE show at Young Blood. Im going to turn the board into a frame to house one of my hand cut screen printed pieces. Follow the process in the set on my Flickr.