Monday, October 13


Things started off Thursday getting e mails from SHIRT KILLER letting me know that people had started ordering my SHADOWBOXES and throughout the day they sent me updates of how many. It was way more than they had on hand so I started putting together more.

It turned out to be perfect timing because RYAN happened to be headed to Atlanta.He helps run Shirt Killer so it gave me a way of shipping them for free.

Before I could take care of that business I got a phone call from all around GOOD DUDE, JUGGLER and FILM
MAKER GREG BENNICK! He was in town for some buisness and wanted to hang out. So we did. BURRITOS and jokes.

Next was hangout time with RYAN.GOOD TIMES APLENTY.

And somewhere in the middle of all that I SCREEN PRINTED , CUT and assembled 14 shadowboxes.