Sunday, May 4


We went to the opening at Wonder Root.Wonder Root is a new non profit art center here in Atlanta.

Their objectives are:

To facilitate arts-based service programs in the Atlanta community.

To encourage artists to be proactive in engaging their local communities through service work.

To provide production facilities to Atlanta based artists.

I was really impressed by the huge amount of gear they have on hand. 5 Macs!, a complete darkroom and a recording studio.I'm not sure of the details right now but I think you can join for $60.00 a year and get unlimited use of the place. It's pretty crazy. Matt agrees.


I had a freak out and lost my desktop but with the help of JJJ I was able to use Time Machine and restore the entire thing.It was pretty much just one click. If you have a Mac and you don't have any kind of back up system I suggest you set one up or let Time Machine do it for you.