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He added: “I will maintain the peace, order and good government of the Ugandan protectorate and agree with all kinds of people in accordance with the said agreements, the Buganda Constitution, the laws and customs of Buganda and the laws of the Ugandan protectorate, without fear of favour, affection or ill will.” Article 3 of the 1955 Buganda Constitution states: “The Kabaka shall continue to ascend the throne of Buganda by descent and election of the great Lukiiko. The name of the person chosen by the great Lukiiko must be submitted to His Majesty`s Government for approval, and no one may be recognized as Kabaka of Buganda whose election has not received the approval of His Majesty`s Government. “Strictly speaking, Mutesa`s own return to Uganda was outside the mandate of the conference. [5] However, the Kampala Supreme Court`s finding that the British government`s appeal to Article 6 was “wrong” – shortly after news of the Namirembe agreement, but before the agreed recommendations could be made public – pressured Cohen to back down. In November, he reversed the British government`s position and accepted Mutesa`s return, subject to the adoption and implementation of Namirembe`s recommendations. [5] [6] Let me also add my sincere congratulations to the Right Honourable. Gentleman on the successful subject of these long negotiations? He was patient, conciliatory and of course sincerely anxious to reach an agreement satisfactory to all. But also the representatives of Buganda and the representatives of the Kabaka, and I would also like to congratulate them very warmly. With the signing of the Buganda Agreement, a tax system based on the possession of firearms (firearms tax) as well as residential areas (hut tax) was introduced. From this tax system, money was earned for the execution of administrative activities. The 1955 Agreement On October 18, 1955, one day after Muteesa`s return from exile, he signed the Buganda Agreement on behalf of the Kingdom.

14. (I) Any person who wishes to stand for election as a member of the Electoral College shall submit to the Chief of Saza, no later than a date to be determined by the Katikiro for that purpose, an application in Form “A” annexed to these Rules, which has been signed by him. Chief Muluka of Muluka, where a person who wants to run as a candidate lives, must sign as a witness. I5. On the day set by the Katikiro on this behalf, Miruka`s representatives meet in the Saza Council Chamber to elect three of the persons who are standing as candidates for appointment as representatives to the Electoral College, and this election takes place in the same manner as it is scheduled for the elections of Saza representatives under the Electoral Law. It was, of course, the calm in Uganda and the spirit of reconciliation and common sense that were demonstrated that made it much easier to reach an agreement. 5. For the purposes of this Article, the term “African” shall have the meaning conferred on it by the Regulations on Interpretative and General Clauses of the Protectorate of Uganda, as amended from time to time, or by a Regulation replacing these Regulations.