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Objectives and challenges of the Doha Round of trade negotiations: removal of internal barriers, common external factors, free movement of factors, common economic policy. The results of the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations aim to focus on segments and sectors of an economy that effectively control and support others, such as oil, railways, banking and steel. The EU is made up of 27 Member States, covers an area of 4 million square kilometres and has around 460 million inhabitants. Together, the EU Member States constitute the world`s largest economy in terms of GDP, the seventh largest territory in the world in terms of area and the third largest per capita. Bulgaria and Romania joined on 1 January 2007. Macedonia, Croatia and Turkey are candidate countries as soon as the conditions are met (Turkey has the longest way to go) For a tariff quota, the rate of duty applicable to in-quota imports is lower than that applied to out-of-quota imports. Similarities in the underlying structure of economic activity allow for the introduction of a single currency and the use of a single exchange rate as an instrument of macroeconomic policy. For example, Finland and Portugal are very different and could have very different reactions to changes in the euro. If Member States request that other Members be treated in the same way, a share of the value of the imported thing shall be deducted. . Represents the interests of the EU as a whole and is the executive arm of European Commissioners appointed by their national governments for a 5-year term and which must be approved by the European Parliament One Commissioner per Member State, each Commission (Monetary Policy Rules: bank reserves requirements, purchase and sale of securities, discounts, modification of the monetary base) Adopted by government bureaucracies, which can be used to limit imports or stimulate exports. Intellectual property rights are intellectual property rights. 1930, promulgated by U.S.

Congress has erected a huge wall of tariff barriers against imports into the United States….