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Does the list of assets to be transferred include debt, property, business or corporate property, intellectual property and/or contracts? If this is the case, additional legal documents may be required to make the transfer of these assets effective. In the event of a transfer, the new employer shall assume responsibility for the workers` employment contracts as well as all debts and obligations assumed by the pre-owner. Failure by a new employer to comply with the terms of the employment contract is an offence. Generally speaking, a buyer`s stamp duty debt is 7.5%1 of the consideration for the market value paid for all assets transferred under a contract for the sale of business assets concluded in Ireland2, but this is not necessarily the case. Below are some mechanisms to reduce stamp duty on the sale of a business asset. The transfer of an asset or part of all or part of an enterprise to a responsible person (even if that entity or part of it had ceased operations) if those transferred assets constitute an enterprise or part of an enterprise that can be operated independently. The UK took a different approach and expanded in 2006 to cover changes in service delivery after intense lobbying by companies “who wanted to make sure that if their workers lost a contract, they would switch to the new service provider,” said Michael Leftley, a lawyer at Addleshaw Goddard LLP in London. “This is an example of the British setting of European legislation in gold.” Revenue published in July 2018 a revised forecast refining the nature of the assets that, when transferred together, are normally eligible for discharge. This includes a The total purchase price will be known before the closing of the transfer of the transaction or is it likely that the value of the assets to be transferred (e.g..B shares) will be such that the parties will have to agree on the payment price on the completion date, unlike in the past? Does part of the purchase price have to be paid at some point after completion, for example. B after a decision in shares or based on income from assets? The only exception to the prohibition of dismissal is that the new employer may dismiss a worker for economic, technical or organisational reasons (ETO) .. .