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To see the difference that the distribution of the purchase price can have between the seller`s tax debt, look at the following examples: In addition, purchased devices can often be deducted (up to a certain amount in dollars) in accordance with Section 179 of the Internal Income Code, which allows for immediate tax savings. To the extent that investments are not covered by Article 179, they may nevertheless be depreciated over a period of only five to seven years, while goodwill must be amortised over fifteen years. This allows the buyer to see more immediate tax savings. The IRS divides assets into classes, and for the most part, once you`ve assigned Class I to Class VI, whatever is considered goodwill. So if the price is $US 200,000 and all your assets are $US 150,000, you also buy $US 50,000 of goodwill. As a result, the difference in allocation to Sale 3 resulted in an increase in tax debt of nearly $40,000, more than 25% more than for Sale 1, although the overall purchase price remained the same. While the allocation of the purchase price can be an obstacle to negotiating the purchase price, it can also offer opportunities for win-win situations. For example, the seller may accept a lower total purchase price in exchange for a more advantageous allocation….