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As President, my role is to do everything in my power to provide the United States with a level playing field and create the economic, regulatory and fiscal structures that make America the most prosperous and productive country in the world, with the highest standard of living and the highest level of environmental protection. Our tax law is moving forward in Congress, and I think it`s going very well. I think a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised. Republicans work very, very hard. We`d like to have the support of the Democrats, but maybe we have to do it alone. But it`s going very well. Now, Fuller says, the project is frozen until there are contributions from other nations. He says that if the United States is not outside the Paris agreement, it could have terrible consequences for the low and poor countries. Michael Bloomberg pledged $15 million to the executive secretariat of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change and said, “The Americans will honor and respect the Paris Agreement by getting it up and down – and there`s nothing Washington can do to stop us.” [175] Shortly after Trump`s announcement, 30 mayors, three governors, more than eighty university presidents and the leaders of more than 100 companies joined Bloomberg to begin negotiations with the United Nations to present a plan to limit U.S. climate emissions, in accordance with the guidelines of the Paris Agreement.

[176] Under the terms of the agreement, the United States should wait until one month after presenting its intention to re-enter the agreement before formally joining, although it would lose some of the privileges of the short period during which the country left the agreement; they could not, for example, attend important meetings until they were members. [41] The Paris Agreement is widespread among Americans. [182] A June 2016 Chicago Council on Global Affairs national poll showed that 71 percent of U.S. adults supported U.S. participation in the Paris Agreement. Similarly, a November 2016 Yale Program on Climate Change Communication poll showed that 69% of registered U.S. voters supported U.S. participation in the Paris Agreement, compared to only 13 percent. [185] Trump`s decision to withdraw the United States from the agreement was seen as an attempt to address his base, even at the risk of alienating Democrats and independent voters. [182] This strategy differs from the typical approach of most U.S. presidents who in the past have attempted to address the center.

[182] A New York Times analysis described this as “a bold and risky strategy” followed by “the first president in the history of polls to govern without the support of a majority of public opinion from the beginning of his term,” adding: “Indeed, Mr. Trump doubles the presidency as a minority president and bets that when the time comes , its fervent supporters will be more important, especially in the larger Midwestern countries. [182] “It is really hard to imagine that other countries, in terms of ambition and leadership, will solve the climate crisis if the United States detaches itself from this agreement,” Moore said. To achieve the goals of the agreement, countries must be much more ambitious and the global transition to clean energy from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources, such as renewable energy, must be much faster. The same nations that are asking us to maintain the agreement are the countries that have cost the United States billions of dollars through hard trade practices and, in many cases, lax contributions to our critical military alliance.