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Calendar 3 European Consumer Credit Information Form for overdrafts, consumer credit offered by certain credit organisations and the “overdraft facility” for debt rescheduling, an explicit credit contract by which a creditor makes available to a consumer who manages a current account with creditors` funds beyond the current account; “consumer,” any natural person who, in the course of a transaction subject to these regulations, acts for purposes outside of his or her business, activity or profession; (j) if the conclusion of an ancillary services contract (particularly an insurance policy) is required to obtain or obtain credit on the terms marketed, a declaration of obligation to enter into such a contract; (j) for consumer credit contracts, for which a fixed interest rate is agreed against the initial period, at which a new interest rate is set and adjusted regularly in accordance with an agreed indicator. the annual percentage is calculated on the basis of the value of the indicator agreed on that date, which, at the end of the fixed interest rate, is the same as when the annual rate was calculated. (a) the credit in question is intended exclusively for the financing of an agreement to supply certain goods or a provision of specified services and (3) the obligation for the debtor to notify the creditor of his intention to withdraw in writing or orally (k) the royalty information in force since the conclusion of these agreements in the case of a collection contract in accordance with Regulation 3 , paragraph 2, and, if applicable, the conditions when these fees can be changed and 6. Where an ancillary benefit related to a credit contract is provided by the lender concerned or by a third party on the basis of an agreement between the third party and the creditor, the consumer concerned is no longer bound by the ancillary service contract when the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal of the credit contract under this regulation. Costs in case of late paymentIn the event of an incident, payments can have serious consequences for you (for example.B.