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It takes about 10 business days to process this form. We will let you know as soon as our statements are updated. The tenant accompanies the loan at the rental centre If the loan records have not been kept up to date, it may be delayed when it is time to repay the loan. The change of lease/agent form must be signed by: This one connects to the DBH website for online applications in case of violation of rental rights. This is the easiest way to apply if there is a change of tenant during the rent, all other tenants and the landlord must give their consent. To transfer a loan to a new property, the tenant must complete and sign a bond transfer form. It must also be signed by the old and new owners. The new owner then sends this form to the rental services. Roommates will find it useful to have a written agreement. This agreement exists between the principal tenant and the roommate If the landlord or property manager changes during a lease, the new landlord or property manager must complete a change in the lease/brokerage form. Find out what you need to do if the owner changes during a lease.

If the new amount of the loan is more than the old loan, the tenant gives the additional money to the new owner. The new owner then sends within 23 business days of receipt the transfer form and a cheque for the additional money to the rental services. To terminate the periodic tenancy agreement without concrete reasons In the event of a change of tenant during a tenancy agreement, you must complete a change in the rental form if they contributed to the loan. We can only repay a loan to those listed in our system. Updating the loan file, when a tenant or lessor changes during the lease, makes it easier to resolve problems later. If you use the owner`s identification number, no further information is required in the “Owner Details” column. You can find a renter id number by referring to your loan confirmation letter or by calling our loan line. In order to terminate the free ownership lease of the sale of property If your address for the service changes during the lease, you must inform us within 10 business days.

To transfer the loan from a former tenant to a new one. Old and new lenders must terminate the lease before entering a periodic tenancy period between 90 and 21 days before notice) If the old amount of the loan is greater than the new loan, the tenant and lessor must complete both the repayment section on the bond transfer form. Once the forms have been completed and signed by all parties involved, please send the forms (within 10 business days) until: if a tenant changes during the lease and they have contributed to the loan, you must change the name on the loan file.