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21 Amendment: Any amendment, amendment or amendment to this agreement is only valid if it is written down and signed by both parties. 18 Appropriate security measures: The client must ensure that appropriate security measures are implemented to ensure that they meet their obligations under this agreement (including confidentiality and licensing restrictions). 24 Full agreement: this agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Termination: Agreements and termination rules should be the subject of a clear debate when creating a service contract. This will help both parties legally terminate the contract if they are not satisfied with the service offered. A notice is normally set by both parties before the termination of the contract. 13.1 Violation of this agreement; or 13.2 Acts or omissions related to the services of this Agreement. Term of contract: Normally, the duration of the contract varies depending on the type of service offered. It could be a long-term and short-term contract.

16 Audit: The client grants CoreLogic the right to access and verify the client`s premises and documents to ensure that the client has fulfilled its obligations under this contract. Unless, in the event of an emergency, CoreLogic appropriately communicates the access required by this clause 15. 15 Data refund: After the termination or expiry of this agreement, the Customer has: 23 Disposal: The Customer cannot cede his rights under this contract without the prior written agreement of CoreLogic. CoreLogic may cede its rights to the client in writing under this contract. 1 Applicability and Acceptance: These Terms and Conditions apply to all Short Data Supply Agreements (SFDSA) between the customer and CoreLogic, which includes these general Erms in reference to the link in which they are contained online. In concluding the SFDSA, the client accepts and agrees to be bound by these conditions (which together form the agreement between the parties). 8 Data License: CoreLogic grants the Customer a limited license for indicated users to use the data for the stated purposes and in accordance with other usage restrictions under the terms of this Agreement. This license is not exclusive, non-transferable, not under-granted and limited to validity.

(b) information that was legally held by the receiving party prior to disclosure or availability under this agreement and which are not subject to other confidentiality restrictions; confidential information is all information provided to one party to the other party that is either expressed as confidential or reasonably expressed as confidential (and contains the data), but does not exclude: Price details: A contract may be concluded for a limited or longer period of time. The transmission of service contracts over a longer period of time covers both risks and opportunities for the supplier. There may be a chance that the price will be down or up, so it is very important to decide and define price details while a service contract is being developed.