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(8) The tenant may only use the vehicle in question for its private use and does not allow it to be used as a taxi or for commercial purposes. (ii) if, in a case outside the previous paragraph, the document in question (i.e. the document signed after being signed in accordance with paragraph (a) of this subsection was submitted to the tenant`s signature and was not sent for signature immediately after the signing of the document in question, a copy of that document was sent to him in the form in which it was signed. ( 3) The provisions of this section do not apply in any way where the tenant has determined the agreement under a right conferred on him. 19. This agreement is considered to have begun from the date of this agreement and remains for a period of … years from the date on which the … and (unless the tenant exercises the option to purchase as intended below), at the end of the aforementioned period or the previous termination of the latter, as is the following, provided that the tenant gives the machines and equipment mentioned in good condition at his expense at the place of activity of the company or as indicated by the company, provided that the tenant remains required to : to pay the rental costs until these machines and equipment are actually delivered to the company or taken over by the company. 3. Any reference in the main statute to a violation of section 11 of this Act or to subsection 1 of this section contains a reference to the violation of this subsection, as applied in the last subsection above; and if the landlord recovers possession of the goods against that subsection, as is the case, a personal representative of the deceased tenant (without prejudice to another right he may exercise as a tenant with respect to the tenancy agreement) has the right to recover from the landlord, in the course of a legal action, all the sums mentioned in paragraph (a) of paragraph 2 of this section.

“owner,” the person who rented or leased property to a tenant under a lease agreement and a person to whom the owner`s property went into the property or one of the owner`s rights or obligations under the contract, by surrender or application of the right; 11. Hirer proposes to install the machines and equipment mentioned in ……. and undertakes not to withdraw them elsewhere without the company`s prior written consent.