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The amendments proposed in the coalition agreement are reminiscent of several recent initiatives. In particular, there are clear parallels with the draft law on corporate and other corporate criminal liability introduced by the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2013 (a draft law establishing criminal liability for companies and other associations) and the Cologne Criminal Bill for Legal Persons (Kelner a bill on the association`s sanctions) of December 2017. The federal Department of Justice is said to have worked on a similar bill in the previous Parliament. The passages of the coalition agreement could pave the way for this bill to now be subject to legislative procedure under the new government. In its decision to adjourn the proceedings, the DOJ took into account, among other things, SHI`s “significant corrective measures,” including increasing the number of employees in its compliance function, improving its anti-corruption policy and introducing enhanced duty of care for third-party participation. [262] The DOJ found that an independent monitor was not required because of these measures and the company`s agreement to establish annual compliance reports to the DOJ for the life of the data protection authority. [263] The DOJ also found that SHI did not receive a full cooperation credit because it did not meet the “reasonable time frame” of the DOJ and had resulted in delays in obtaining a solution. [264] The total fine reflects a 20% reduction from the lower U.S. criminal guidelines[265] and not the 25% reduction, which is normally related to a full cooperation credit in the absence of voluntary self-information. On October 17, 2019, ContextMedia Health LLC (“ContextMedia”), a digital provider of medical information and advertising in medical practices, entered into an NPA with DOJ and the U.S. Attorney`s Office for the Northern District of Illinois.

[65] The agreement was guaranteed by Gibson Dunn, and former ContextMedia executives and employees were accused of misleading customers from 2012 to 2017, mostly pharmaceutical companies, by incorrectly increasing the number of doctors they gave to those customers by placing ads on the ContextMedia network. [66] In 2019, the Serious Fraud Office (“SFO”) presented itself to the fifth and sixth DSB since the launch of the country`s DPA program in February 2014. The July 4, 2019 CCA with Serco Geografix Limited (“SGL”) was the first dpa since the agreements with Tesco Stores Limited (“Tesco”) in April 2017 and Rolls-Royce PLC (“Rolls-Royce”) in January 2017. And the DPA confirmed on December 20, 2019 with Gunlp Systems AG came after a series of long-term investigation closures. The resolution required Monsanto to pay $10.2 million, including a US$6.2 million fine and $4 million in payments to Hawaii`s public bodies. [202] The Data Protection Authority provides that payments for municipal services are used for a variety of purposes, including the creation of a pesticide elimination program by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. [203] The agreement also requires Monsanto to develop and implement an environmental impact program for all Hawaiian sites and retain an external auditor of environmental impacts. [204] The Examiner “will conduct hearings every six months at all [Monsanto] sites in Hawaii to determine whether [Monsanto] is in full compliance with RCRA and FIFRA [federal law on insecticide, fungicide and rodenticide].” [205] In the introduction of the Data Protection Authority, the Cartel Authority found that “Rising guaranteeing substantial and timely cooperation with the U.S. investigation,” including the disclosure of information on other allegations of breaches of cartels that are not included in the data protection authority.

[244] The DPA also argued that “Rising`s cooperation allowed the United States to investigate criminal conspiracies among other generic drug manufacturers,” and risings agreed to pay restitution. [245] Finally, the authority responsible for the protection of