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But again: I like a coherent narrative thread, and to the extent that consistency in personal narratives is possible, why not follow it? In a coherent text, there are logical links between the words, sentences and paragraphs of the text. The term comes from the Latin verb co-haerere, which means “to stick together” (OED). Another way to describe consistency is to say that this is related to a good and fluid text flow. An author must maximize the understanding of a text by making it as clear and logical as possible. He talked about places that give stability and coherence to a neighborhood, where we can see familiar faces and decompress them. Consistency being subjective, people will be divided on the examples. This is especially true in scientific fields where authors write for a very specific audience of experts; Everyone outside this audience will probably consider the work to be incoherent. For example, the different areas of analytical philosophy are an ideal place to seek consistency in scientific work. Analytical philosophers are trained to write very carefully, with all the steps in reasoning carefully interpreted in advance. Their arguments therefore generally have a remarkable internal coherence. Analytical philosophy is, however, a very opaque subject, and very few people are trained to understand the terms these scholars use! Ironically, some of the most conclusive authors of science (from the point of view of experts) are generally considered inconsistent by the majority of readers. There are many characteristics that help create a sense of coherence. Let`s look at an advanced example and look at some of the features that make it consistent.

Most people agree that this is a fairly coherent paragraph: we often see a kind of argumentative coherence in political satire. Good satire always focuses on a single question and lampoons it in a very coherent way. For example, watch Jon Stewart`s opening monologue on the Daily Show. Whatever your opinion of Stewart`s policy, it is difficult to argue with the fact that he uses terms carefully. It changes smoothly and focuses in each monologue on a unique set of strictly controlled concepts. Nglish: Translation of Consistency for Spanish Spokespersons For the writing of Indian Schools: a Nation`s Neglect, journalist Jill Burcum has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in the Editorial Writing category. As an excellent example of consistency in journalistic writing, the editorial looks at sneaky federal schools for Indians on reserves. The paragraphs in the trial are much shorter than in a trial. However, it`s all about a series of very focused ideas.

You can find keywords (such as “neglect”) that run as themes throughout the room.